About OurHudson

In 2009, New York celebrated the four hundredth anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage up the Hudson River. There were parades, fireworks, historic boats and much more. But mostly people didn’t want to focus on the Hudson Valley’s past. They wanted to talk about its future.

The citizens of the Hudson Valley feel a renaissance is under way in the valley – but it is incomplete. Hudson and Beacon are reviving, but other urban areas have been left behind, and too many kids are stuck in neighborhoods without access to Valley’s nature or prospects for a good job. A new food movement is sweeping the region – but we’re losing farms every day. Appreciation for the Valley’s landscape and River is growing – but the Valley is threatened by suburban sprawl and the river’s shad and sturgeon have been in decline. How can we address these challenges and make the Valley’s renaissance complete?

OurHudson: The Story So Far from OurHudson.org on Vimeo.

A group of activists led by Chair of the Hudson Quadricentenial Commission Joan Davidson came together to establish a new coalition, OurHudson, to keep the conversation going. OurHudson convened task forces of experts to come up with recommendations. Then we restored a historic barge and towed it from city to city, where citizens came aboard and discussed reviving farms and bringing back the Valley’s urban areas. It was clear that the conversation needed to be expanded further.

So we decided to commission a film. Hudson Rising is nearly complete, the premiere is scheduled, over 50 venues and WMHT have agreed to screen the movie – but we need your help!